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Your Extraordinary Journey
Welcome to the most exciting chapter of your life! Step into your extraordinary journey to parenthood and beyond with us.

Watch the Extraordinary Bedtime Story

The adventure of a dragon mother who finds unexpected kindness in a caring kingdom...

Watch the Extraordinary Bedtime Story

The adventure of a dragon mother who finds unexpected kindness in a caring kingdom...
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Explore the Extraordinary Milestones

Parents, we're here for you. As we journey on this exciting path with you and your child, discover your extraordinary milestones and what to expect at every stage.


The extraordinary journey of motherhood begins with careful planning and consideration. Embarking on this adventure is a momentous occasion, signifying your commitment to a lifelong journey of love and care. A crucial aspect of this involves fertility assessment. This approach ensures the best possible start for your future family.

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Congratulations! You’re pregnant! First things first: schedule your first prenatal visit with your O&G specialist which involves gathering your medical history, ultrasound, and blood screening. This is the most crucial step to ensure a smooth start to your extraordinary journey.

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It’s time to prepare for the arrival of your precious one. While you decorate baby’s room and think of the perfect name, it’s also important to consider where you want to deliver your baby—a place where you can receive the best prenatal, delivery and postnatal care.

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The time has finally come and you are now cradling a bundle of joy in your arms. At this point, there is nothing more important to you than the safety and well-being of your newborn, so it’s the perfect time to think about fortifying baby’s health with a comprehensive vaccination schedule and assessment.

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They grow up so fast! Blink and you might just miss these magical years. While you cherish these moments and build a solid foundation for your growing infant, you will need all the attention and care from expert paediatricians for your child’s health.

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Mums, let’s not dismiss your postpartum health too. Welcoming a newborn is the most joyous experience life has to offer, but it comes with stress too. So it’s important to keep yourself in check and how you adjust to life with a new baby.

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At Prince Court Medical Centre, our team is dedicated to provide the best possible care every step of your journey. Find out more about our services or simply get in touch with us to learn more.
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Children's Health

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