Delivering Hope at Prince Court Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Delivering Hope at Prince Court Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

At the heart of Prince Court Medical Centre, the tiniest miracles find hope at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Since its opening in 2009, the NICU has transformed worried faces into smiles and provided a source of hope to over 700 premature babies and their parents

The NICU is not merely a space with cutting-edge technology; it is where Prince Court’s dedicated staff nurtures fragile lives.

The open-space design on Level 6 houses eight beds, where skilled Neonatologists, Pediatricians, and trained nurses work around the clock to care for these tiny warriors.

Ventilators softly support those struggling to breathe, and the NOxBoxi becomes a lifeline for babies with pulmonary hypertension. Transport incubators safely carry newborns from labour rooms and operating theatres to the NICU.

Monitors keep a watchful eye on each baby, and a central monitor at the nurses' station ensures the highest safety and care.

Then, there's the Kangaroo Care where parents cradle their preterm babies against their chests, providing warmth and a connection between child and parents. This practice supports physical development and nurtures an emotional bond crucial for the child’s overall growth.

More importantly, it gives parents the precious chance to hold their children and offer love and support in their journey to recovery. Every corner of the NICU provides these warriors with the best chance at life.

Among the 700-plus premature babies at Prince Court, a pair of twins – Lulu and Lia – stand out after being born at slightly more than 700 grams, the smallest premature babies to date.

After a whirlwind of medical procedures, the grateful parents reflect on the challenges and relief of witnessing their baby girls' journey from the time of delivery to the NICU and, finally, their recovery.

“They just looked so fragile, and honestly, the thought that overwhelmed me was that this might be the only chance I get to see them alive. Walking out of the NICU, I didn’t know if half an hour later when I came, they would still be alive…

“We knew we would have the best care possible at Prince Court. Being in the NICU is better than being in my arms, and I knew that was the truth. We trust Prince Court and the care that they give. We know they are top-notch, so we felt fortunate to leave our babies in their arms.”

At Prince Court, the NICU provides these little warriors with the latest technology and the medical expertise of our doctors, in addition to the care of our nurses. All of this is to ensure that premature babies have a chance to grow up into healthy babies.