Patient Advocacy | Prince Court Medical Centre

Patient Advocacy Committee (PAC)

To foster a patient and family-centred culture that involves a collaborative partnership between patients, families, leadership, and staff.

To improve the delivery of safe and high-quality health care by advocating the community to collaborate with Prince Court Medical Centre leadership and clinical staff to improve patient and family experience.


Benefits of participating as a PAC member

  1. Co-design improvement initiatives to improve healthcare services delivery.
  2. Gain professional recognition and career advancement.
  3. Impact on healthcare community.
  4. Enhance personal empowerment and advocacy skills.


How to apply?

If you are interested in becoming a PAC member and sharing your experience to help create solutions for others, please contact us at +603 2610 0000 or email us at [email protected].

Make a difference and apply today.

We look forward to hearing from you.

If you have been shortlisted, we will contact you.