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24/7 Accident & Emergency

Our Emergency Team is here for you

At Prince Court, our Emergency Team is just a phone call away: +603 2160 0999

We are here for you, every step of your emergency journey.

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  • Cardiac Pathway
  • Accident & Trauma
  • Infectious Diseases
24-Hour Hotline
+603 2160 0000
Ambulance/Emergency Number
+603 2160 0999
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+603 2160 0010

What happens when you arrive at our Accident & Emergency Department?


  • Our triage nurse/paramedic will ask you questions about your condition and your general health.
  • Your pulse, blood pressure, temperature and breathing rate will be taken and a quick registration will be done.

Note: Some tests or procedures require you to have an empty stomach, so please check with your triage nurse/paramedic accordingly.

Receiving Treatment

  • A doctor on duty will attend to you as soon as he/she is available. Tests or procedures will be ordered as needed.
  • Depending on the severity of your condition and/or test results, the doctor at the Accident & Emergency Department may:
  • Send you home with home care instructions and make arrangements for you to see a specialist at our Outpatient Clinic if necessary, OR
  • Refer you to a specialist who will most probably admit you to the hospital for further treatment or observation.

Note: Patients requiring urgent care will be treated first. However, we will do our best to minimise the waiting time for all patients. If you do have to wait, a nurse will be nearby to answer your questions and monitor your condition.


  • If you are discharged after your treatment, you will receive home care instructions and you will be advised to follow-up with a specialist at our Outpatient Clinic.
  • You may be given specific signs to watch out for. If your condition deteriorates and you are concerned, return to the Accident & Emergency Department at once.

Note: There may be delays in obtaining your test results from the laboratory or X-ray departments.

Emergency Medicine

Dr. Siva Perumal

Emergency Medicine Physician & Head of Emergency Services

Resident Medical Officer 

Datin Dr. Wan Azfa Farahiah

Emergency Department Manager

Dr. Lye Hwee Zern

Medical Officer

Dr. Thines Muthusamy

Medical Officer

Dr. Hanisah Binti Johari

Medical Officer

Dr Mugilan A/L Kesavan

Medical Officer

Dr. Nik Nur Eniza Mohamed

Medical Officer

Dr. Gurvinder Singh A/L Surjeet Singh

Medical Officer

Dr. Tharchana A/P Subramaniam

Medical Officer