Navigating Premature Birth at Prince Court Medical Centre

Navigating Premature Birth at Prince Court Medical Centre

Becoming new parents can be filled with immense joy but when the journey towards parenthood takes unexpected turns, it leads them on a path filled with challenges and uncertainties.

A courageous couple faced the premature birth of their daughter Raina. However, they navigated the challenges together with the medical expertise and emotional support of Dr. Shilpa Nambiar, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, and Dr. Anna Padmavathy Soosai, Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist, along with the compassionate care from nurses at Prince Court Medical Centre.

A Difficult Pregnancy

Their story began with a complicated pregnancy leading to the expectant mother, Azarea, requiring a period of bed rest.

Despite her efforts, premature labour became inevitable, and Raina arrived in the world at just 28 weeks, catching her parents off guard.

Azarea and her family drew immense comfort from Dr. Shilpa’s experience in managing other premature cases, which reassured them they were under the care of a skilled and capable doctor.


A Journey of Growth

Raina’s progress in the well-equipped Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) was a testament to the exceptional care she received.

Throughout this critical period, Dr. Anna offered her medical expertise and guidance, ensuring Azarea and her husband were kept well-informed with regular updates on Raina’s development and growth.

The progress showed by Raina was a cause of celebration – from the gradual transition from intubation to independent breathing, along with steady weight gain – each milestone showcased their daughter’s road to recovery.   


The Road to Recovery

Emotionally, the journey was a roller coaster but when Raina was released from the NICU, Azarea was overwhelmed with emotions, marking the beginning of a new chapter of parenthood.

Thankfully, Azarea had access to a lactation consultant, CPR lessons, and practical parenting advice, all available at Prince Court, making the daunting prospect of caring for a premature baby more manageable.


A Message of Hope

In a heartfelt message to fellow parents facing similar challenges, Azarea encourages couples to celebrate every small victory and document the journey as a reminder of their baby’s incredible resilience.

They now cherish every moment, appreciating the precious gift of their daughter. Their journey at Prince Court serves as a reminder that premature birth can be challenging but with the necessary medical and emotional support, anyone can overcome the challenges.