PET/CT Scanners. The Ultimate Imaging.

PET/CT Scanners. The Ultimate Imaging.

Incredible Clarity: The Biograph Vision 450 delivers super clear images, enabling early detection and precise treatment planning 

Super Sensitive: Utilising cutting-edge technology, it detects even the tiniest change, including identifying tumours  

Quick Scans: Swift image capture ensures a smoother, faster process, minimising discomfort and providing quicker results 

Safe Imaging: With advanced technology, it keeps radiation exposure low while obtaining high-quality images, ensuring your health is prioritised 



 Our Distinctive Advantage


🕒 Swift Turnaround: Reports delivered within 24 hours 

🏥 Personalised Care: We prioritise quality over quantity 

💼 Expert Team: Your health is our priority  

🌟 Peace of Mind: Entrust your well-being to our skilled team 


Customised PET/CT Indications Tailored for You 


  • Cancer detection 

  • Staging 

  • Treatment response assessment 

  • Surveillance 


Ga-68 PSMA PET/CT*: 

  • Prostate cancer detection 

  • Staging 

  • Biochemical recurrence detection 

  • Treatment planning 



  • Neuroendocrine tumor imaging 

  • Staging 

  • Treatment planning 


  • Pancreatic cancer imaging 

  • Sarcoma imaging 

  • Treatment response assessment 

  • Investigational use 


*Effective May 2024