Revisiting Prince Court’s first ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplant Case

Revisiting Prince Court’s first ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplant Case

Prince Court Medical Centre’s first ABO incompatible (ABOi) kidney transplant patient, Geland, recently visited Professor Datuk Dr. Tan Si Yen, Consultant Nephrologist & Internal Medicine at Prince Court, accompanied by his wife Bianca and their three beautiful daughters.

Geland initially sought treatment from Datuk Dr. Tan in 2011, already in advanced stages of kidney failure. With no ABO compatible donors available, his wife bravely volunteered to donate. However, their blood types were incompatible, posing a risk of immediate rejection if the transplant were to proceed without special preparations.

To overcome this challenge, Geland underwent desensitization — a process involving the removal of his anti-A antibodies through a combination of plasma exchange and immunoabsorption columns, followed by injections to suppress further antibody production against the A blood group.

Following one month of desensitization, Malaysia’s first ABOi transplant was successfully performed. Thirteen years later, Geland and his wife lead normal lives. Bianca serves as an inspiring role model for other potential donors, having given birth to their daughters despite having only one kidney.

At Prince Court, our dedication to world-class care is exemplified by cases like Geland's. ABOi kidney transplants was once considered an uncommon procedure but has now become a regular procedure, showcasing our professionalism and clinical excellence.

To date, Prince Court has performed over 100 kidney transplants including ABOi cases, underlining our commitment to medical innovation and collaboration between the multidisciplinary team at Prince Court who continuously strive to deliver the very best care and medical solutions to our patients.