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The key aspects of dietetics services at Prince Court Medical Centre includes Nutritional Assessments, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Menu Planning and Food Service Management, Patient Education and more.

Transforming Lives through Comprehensive Nutrition Services

Nutrition is a fundamental element in the promotion of good health and the treatment of various disease. In a hospital setting, dietetics services play a crucial role in promoting patient health and well-being through optimal nutrition.

Dietitians are highly trained professionals who possess a deep understanding between diet, health, and disease. They also work closely with medical teams to provide personalised nutrition care to patients based on their individual needs.

By translating scientific findings into practical and tailored dietary advice, dietitians are able to guide individuals in making informed food choices through effective nutritional strategies.

The key aspects of dietetics services at Prince Court Medical Centre includes:

Nutritional Assessments

Our Dietitians conduct thorough assessments of patients' nutritional status, taking into account their medical history, current condition, and dietary habits. By analysing this information, they identify specific nutritional needs and develop personalised dietary plans.

At Prince Court, dietitians perform nutrition-focused physical examinations or utilise the body composition analyser machine to accurately assess body composition on suitable patients. This aids dietitians to tailor their intervention according to patients’ needs

Medical Nutrition Therapy

This involves the application of evidence-based nutrition interventions to treat or manage various medical conditions. Dietitians work closely with patients suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, weight issues, gastrointestinal issues, kidney diseases, cancer, high uric acid and children with feeding problems (growth faltering) to optimise their nutritional intake and improve health outcomes.

Menu Planning and Food Service Management

Dietitians collaborate with food service departments to develop menus that meet patients' dietary requirements while also considering cultural, religious, and personal preferences. They ensure that patients receive balanced and nutritious meals that support their recovery and overall well-being.

Patient Education

Dietitians educate patients and their families about proper nutrition and its impact on health by providing practical guidance on making healthy food choices, portion control, reading food labels, and managing special diets. Dietitians also incorporate the concept of mindful eating in individual counseling sessions, empowering patients to take an active role in their own diet management.

Nutritional Support

 In cases where patients are unable to consume an adequate diet orally, dietitians may recommend alternative forms of nutrition such as enteral or parenteral feeding. They closely monitor patients receiving these forms of nutritional support, adjusting the feeding regimen as needed to meet individual requirements.

Nutrition Seminar & Corporate Wellness Programmes

Our dietitians provide health talks by collaborating with organisations to disseminate the importance of eating right through seminars or talks.

Executive Health Screening

The services of Dietitians are embedded into some executive health screening packages to offer a comprehensive management of your health and offer preventive intervention

Media Publications

Our dietitians contribute their expertise to nutrition-related articles for media publications by sharing evidenced-based information to educate the public and promote healthy eating habits

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