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We provide a wide range of clinical laboratory and pathology services, encompassing various specialised areas such as Cytology, Allergy Testing, Fluid and Excretion Analysis, Microbiology, Histopathology, Haematology, Cytogenetics and more.

Pathology: Illuminating the Path to Accurate Diagnoses and Effective Treatments 

Pathology service refers to the specialised branch of medical diagnostics that focuses on the study and analysis of diseases and conditions through the examination of body tissues, fluids, and cells. It involves the collection, processing, and interpretation of clinical specimens to obtain valuable information about a patient's health and aid in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases.


Pathology Services at Prince Court: Delivering Accurate and Timely Pathology Analysis

At Prince Court, our pathology and laboratory workforce consist of highly qualified and experienced personnel who utilise state-of-the-art instruments and equipment to deliver exceptional service.

In the field of diagnostics, speed and accuracy are paramount. We understand the urgency in providing timely test results to ensure prompt diagnosis and appropriate medical counsel and treatment. Our laboratory follows specified Turnaround Time (TAT) benchmarks, ensuring that test results are delivered efficiently. We recognise that time is often critical in the diagnosis of a medical condition, and our streamlined systems and procedures guarantee that relevant information reaches the appropriate sources without delay.

As part of our unwavering commitment to quality, we actively participate in various quality assurance programmes. These initiatives ensure that our laboratory remains at the forefront of the pathology industry, constantly striving for excellence in every aspect of our service. We embrace accreditation standards such as MS ISO 15189 and the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH), adhering to international benchmarks and guidelines.


standards-malaysia-accreditated-laboratory    Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH)


Comprehensive Clinical Laboratory Services

We are one of the few private hospitals in Malaysia who provide a wide range of clinical laboratory and pathology services. Our comprehensive Clinical Laboratory Services encompass various specialised areas, including:

  • Cytology
    • Analysis of cellular samples to identify abnormalities and diagnose diseases, aiding in the detection of cancer and other pathological conditions
  • Allergy Testing
    • Evaluation of allergic reactions through specific tests to identify allergens and guide appropriate treatment plans
  • Fluid and Excretion Analysis
    • Examination of bodily fluids and excretions, such as urine and cerebrospinal fluid, to diagnose infections, monitor organ function, and detect metabolic disorders
  • Microbiology
    • Identification and characterisation of microorganisms causing infectious diseases, facilitating targeted treatment strategies
  • Histopathology
    • Examination of tissues obtained from biopsies or surgical procedures to diagnose diseases, determine the extent of malignancy and guide treatment decisions. Our services include histopathology and the development of protocols for new antibodies and in-situ hybridisation probes. We provide histology and immunopathology services with a focus on renal immunofluorescence and second opinion referrals for lymphoma cases
  • Immuno-haematology
    • Evaluation of blood compatibility for transfusions, identification of blood disorders, and support in blood component selection for specific patient needs
  • Clinical Chemistry
    • Analysis of blood and bodily fluids to assess organ function, evaluate metabolic disorders, and monitor treatment effectiveness
  • Haematology
    • Examination of blood cells and components to diagnose blood disorders, monitor overall health, and assess the effectiveness of treatment interventions
  • Cytogenetics
    • Evaluation of chromosomal abnormalities and genetic disorders through the analysis of chromosomes and DNA structures


Laboratory Operating Hours

The laboratory provides 24-hour services for critical services and normal working hours for others. The operating hours are as shown below:

Office hours

Monday – Friday8.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday8.00am – 1.30pm


On-call Hours

Monday – Friday6.00pm – 8.30am (next day)
Saturday1.30pm – 8.30am (next day)
Sunday & PH24 hours


Pickup and Delivery Service

Our Pickup and Delivery Service provides a convenient solution for doctors and hospitals, offering transportation for pathology specimens, stock, and various items. With a focus on safety and efficiency, we utilise transportation bags equipped with temperature monitoring systems to ensure proper storage of pathology specimens during transit. Our dedicated team ensures timely deliveries by employing the shortest and most direct routes.


Pickup and Delivery Service for External Customers

Kindly contact us to arrange for laboratory pick-up service:

  • 011 – 1221 3904 (mobile)
  • 03 – 2160 0757 (office)                  
Monday – Friday8.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday8.00am – 1.30pm
Sunday & PHClosed



Cytogenetics Laboratory: Advanced Genetic Testing


At Prince Court, our Cytogenetics Laboratory provides a range of standard and molecular cytogenetics testing. Trained and highly experienced, our professional and technical staff are committed to provide prompt and reliable analyses. All tests are conducted by qualified senior laboratory scientist and reports are provided by experienced and highly qualified cytogeneticists, Dr Roziana Ariffin.

Our services:

  • Chromosome Karyotyping: We provide constitutional karyotyping for cord blood, fetal blood, and peripheral blood samples. Our expert analysis follows the International System for Human Cytogenetics Nomenclature (ISCN, 2016) guidelines.


    • Peripheral Blood Karyotyping
      • 3-5ml of Peripheral blood in sodium heparin / lithium heparin (green top) vacutainer tube. Do not use EDTA.
      • For newborns, collect a minimum of 1ml peripheral blood in sodium heparin / lithium heparin vacutainer tube.
      • For deceased patients, 3-5ml blood is collected by cardiac puncture (within 1 hour of death) in a sodium heparin / lithium heparin vacutainer tube.


    • Peripheral Blood Constitutional FISH
      • Microdeletion syndromes (please contact the laboratory in advance for probe availability).


  • Prenatal Karyotyping: Our laboratory conducts karyotyping on amniotic fluid samples, aiding in the detection of chromosome abnormalities during pregnancy.


    • Amniotic Fluid (AF) Karyotyping
      • 15-20ml of AF in sterile conical (v-shape) tubes. Discard the first 2ml on sampling.



  • Tumour Karyotyping: We specialise in bone marrow karyotyping for the diagnosis and classification of haematological malignancies, providing valuable insights for treatment and monitoring.


    • a) Bone Marrow Karyotyping
      • 2 ml bone marrow specimen preferably from the first or second aspiration in sodium heparin / lithium heparin vacutainer tube.


    • b) Blood Karyotyping
      • 5ml peripheral blood (>10% blasts) in sodium heparin / lithium heparin vacutainer tube if the bone marrow aspiration is not successful.


Indication for Cytogenetics Studies

  • Indications for Prenatal Karyotyping
    1. High risk of aneuploidy (trisomy or monosomy) from the result of a screening programme including advanced maternal age (1 in 250 and above).
    2. Abnormal ultrasound scan findings are indicative of chromosome abnormality.
    3. Previous pregnancy with chromosomal abnormality.
    4. Family history of chromosome disorder.
    5. One parent is a known carrier or mosaic for chromosome abnormality.


  • Indications for Perinatal, Paediatric / Adolescent Karyotyping
    1. Dysmorphic features with mental retardation and / or multiple congenital abnormalities.
    2. Unexplained learning difficulties / developmental delay.
    3. Ambiguous genitalia (sex chromosome abnormality).
    4. Delayed puberty, or abnormalities of secondary sexual development.
    5. Family history of known chromosomal rearrangement.
    6. Suspected microdeletion / deletion / duplication syndrome (includes FISH testing if probes are available).
    7. Short stature, amenorrhoea (primary or secondary).
    8. Subfertility or infertility of both male and female.
    9. Parental Karyotyping for recurrent miscarriages or stillbirths.


  • Indications for Bone Marrow Karyotyping
    1. Diagnosis, classification and monitoring of haematological malignancy.
    2. Monitoring the engraftment and progress of sex-mismatched bone marrow transplantation.


Important notes for sample collection and handling

  1. All samples should be collected under sterile conditions.
  2. Do not freeze the specimen and do not expose to temperatures above 30°C. A cool pack may be used but avoid direct contact with the specimen.
  3. For samples from outside Klang Valley, please do not collect on Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday or the day before Public Holiday.
  4. Provide additional information on the following which is necessary for cytogenetics investigations:
  • Presumptive diagnosis
  • Relevant clinical information
  • Date and time of sample collection
  • For prenatal specimens, also include the following:
    • Gestational age
    • LMP (Last Menstrual Period)
  • For haematological malignancies, also include the following:
    • Total white cell count


For specimen pick-up and transportation:

Please contact our Customer Service at 011-1221 3904 or Cytogenetics Lab at 03-2160 0000 (ext. 3759 / 3753)



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