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PCMC promote and develop the country’s medical tourism industry as well as position Malaysia as a healthcare hub in the Southeast Asian / ASEAN region.

Everything there is to know about Medical Tourism in Malaysia

There are countless reasons why PCMC is an ideal destination for medical tourism. Unique to the medical tourism sector in Malaysia is that it is one of the few countries in the region where it is promoted by the government.

 This gives tourists assurance of quality, safety standards and regulations (laws regarding medical care) within the industry. Malaysian healthcare offers specialties in various medical disciplines and conducts some of the most complicated treatments worldwide. 

Today, the medical care in Malaysia on par with the best in the world; where innovation and international expertise are key. Foreign patients seeking medical treatments in Malaysia are from South East Asia including Indonesia and Singapore, Indo-China, China and Hong Kong, Eastern Asia such as Bangladesh and India, Japan, Australia, Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Eastern Africa.


Preparation to get treatment overseas

Advance preparation often results in the best price and thorough research often in the best quality. It is preferable to start at least three months in advance with travel bookings and planning of your treatment.

Decide on how long you want to stay. Take the duration of the medical procedure including immediate recovery into account. „

Also take account of the rehabilitation program following the treatment. It may be dangerous to travel too soon after treatment. Refrain from strenuous activities after treatment. „

Your recovery may take longer than expected. Take this into account when planning your trip, for example, by adding a few days or weeks immediately after the estimated rehabilitation period (and have nothing planned during this time). If possible, be flexible in scheduling your trip.

The priority during your medical trip mainly goes to treatment and rehabilitation. Plan your vacation around it.

Since Malaysia has a lovely tropical climate, you can have your treatment all year round. The fine weather often also speeds up recovery.

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