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Payment Methods

Upon confirmation of admission for treatment and/or surgery, please verify the estimated cost of the hospitalisation with the attending doctor/admission counter. Cash, bank draft and major credit cards are accepted. However, we do NOT accept personal cheques.

Guarantee Letters

We recognise and accept Guarantee Letters from insurance companies that have established credit facilities with us. Please present your letter of guarantee upon your registration/admission. If we do not receive your letter of guarantee, a deposit will be required.

Insurance Card

For quick admission, please present your insurance card. If unavailable, please provide details for verification. A deposit may be required if insurance approval is pending or declined. All insurance decisions are final.

For inquiries, email [email protected] or call +603 2160 0768. We partner with various local and international insurers/TPAs.

Malaysia - Insurance & Takaful (Cashless)

Malaysia - Insurance & Takaful (Pay & Claim)

For other insurance & Takaful not listed, please call 03 2160 0000 ext: 1768 or 1769 (Insurance Assistance or Admission Department) Email: [email protected]

International - Insurance & TPAs

For cash-paying patients, excess deposit refunds take 7-14 working days. If the deposit is insufficient, additional payment may be required during your hospital stay.

Card Payment Mode

Online Payment Mode

Biller Code : 17475
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