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Payment Methods

Upon confirmation of admission for treatment and/or surgery, please verify the estimated cost of the hospitalisation with the attending doctor. Cash, bank draft and major credit cards are accepted. We regret to inform you that we do NOT accept personal cheques.

Guarantee Letters

The Hospital recognises and accepts Guarantee Letters from insurance companies that have established credit facilities with the Hospital. Please present your letter of guarantee upon your registration/admission; in the absence of this, a deposit will be required.

Insurance Card

For prompt processing of your admission, please present your insurance card upon registration/admission. If you are unable to do so, kindly furnish us with the details of your insurance card for verification. A deposit will be collected if the approval from your insurance company is still pending, or if the insurance company has declined the case.All decisions by the insurance company are final, and any appeal is to be directed to the insurance company.

For enquiries related to insurance, please email us at insuranceassistanc[email protected] or call Insurance Help Desk at: +603 2160 0877

We also work with an extensive list of insurers, both local and international. Our panel of insurance companies are as below:

Malaysia – Insurance & Takaful

Malaysia – Home Based TPA

Indonesia – Insurance & TPAs

International – Insurance & TPAs

View International Insurance & TPA List

Payment Methods

Cash paying patients will receive refunds should the deposit be more than the actual expenses incurred. The processing time for refund into your credit card or bank account shall take at least 14 working days. However, in the event that the deposit is insufficient to cover the incurred charges, you will be advised to pay extra for the deposit during your hospital stay.

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