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In Prince Court Medical Centre, we provide comprehensive Anesthesiology services. Apart from General Anaesthesia which is commonly known to patients, we also provide other types of Anaesthesia depending on the type of surgery, patients’ medical condition and preference. The type of Anaesthesia to be administered to patients will be determined through an evaluation and discussion prior to surgery. This is also to ensure that the patient is adequately prepared for surgery.

In addition to the commonly known General Anaesthesia, we do provide a range of other type of Anaesthetic services such as:

  • Local Anaesthesia

A small area can be numbed for example, the wrist, by injecting a local anaesthetic solution around nerves and surrounding tissues.

  • Regional Anaesthesia

Where pain and other sensations are taken away from a specific or certain part of the body. It can be by injecting a solution of local anaesthetic and some other cocktails, either into the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the spinal cord (spinal anaesthesia) or into the epidural space surrounding the outer coverings of the spinal cord (epidural anaesthesia). A group of peripheral nerves can also be blocked to anaesthetise a specific area or limb.

  • Sedation for Day-Care Surgeries / Endoscopies and other short-period procedures

For minor but sometimes uncomfortable procedures, some degree of sedation are administered by an anesthesiologist to ensure the procedure can be done as smoothly, comfortably and most importantly as safe as possible

  • Pain Management

For acute post-operative pain, the anaesthesiology team and the primary surgeon will corroborate to come up with the optimal pain relief strategy after surgery, tailored to the individual requirement of the patients.

For chronic, non-terminal pain, the anaesthesiology team will provide professional and technical support to the team managing this group of patients.

  • Intensive & Critical Care

In the area of Intensive and Critical Care, our Anaesthesiologists/Intensivists primarily work with the multidisciplinary medical team taking care of critically ill patients, especially when a patient requires respiratory support and intensive monitoring.

  • Palliative Support

The anaethesiologists’ expertise is also rendered in managing acute and chronic pain together with the Palliative Care Specialist, especially for those suffering from terminal diseases.

  • 24/7 On-Site Availability On-Call Services for any Urgent/Emergency cases


All Consultant Anaesthesiologists practising in Prince Court Medical Centre are on the National Specialists Register with the Ministry of Health and as a group, they are also further trained in Burn Management, Neuro and Cardiothoracic anaesthesia, Paediatrics and Intensive Care.

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