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Burns Unit

In burn accidents, getting treatment as rapidly as possible is essential. Our Burns Unit, a 4-bedded facility, comes with the latest technology and well trained personnel for all types of burn injuries to handle major burn cases, and guarantee timely initiation of the appropriate treatment.

Services and treatment offered:

  • Acute burns treatment – resuscitation, ventilatory and respiratory support, wound dressing using biologic synthetic such as collagen, silver, hydrogel, hydrocolloid, surgery, dietary support, psychological support and social support.
  • Chronic burns care – rehabilitation therapy including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, prosthesis and orthosis, and reconstructive burn surgery.

We have a dedicated transportation system and ambulance equipped with the latest AV system to ensure seamless transfer of the patient from the site of incident to Prince Court. We are also unique in having:

  • Air Fluidized Therapy Bed: These beds are known to accelerate wound healing by relieving the pressure on wound sites thus allowing increased blood circulation to and around the affected areas. It also protects healthy tissue by a drying effect to the skin and by facilitating evaporation of body fluids.
  • Point of Use Medical Water Filtration: Patient’s exposure to waterborne bacteria can occur while showering or bathing. The filters utilized at the Burns Unit minimize patients´ exposure to germs and risk of waterborne infection.
  • Optimal Temperature Management: The Burns Unit is the only institution in Malaysia that allows, by means of a highly sophisticated air conditioning system, temperature and humidity adjustment to create optimal ambience for the specific needs of burned patients.
  • Positive / Negative pressure isolation rooms.
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