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Endocrinology (Diabetes Services)

Endocrinology is a specialty of medicine which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to hormones. Endocrinology coves human function such as the coordination of metabolism, respiration, reproduction, sensory perception and movement. Endocrinology also focuses on the endocrine glands and tissues that secrete hormones.

What is the Endocrine system

The human endocrine system consists of a number of glands . These glands produce and secrete hormones which control the body’s metabolism, growth, sexual development and function. When the hormones leave the glands they enter the bloodstream and are transported to organs and tissues in ever part of the body.

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Areas of Care


Understand how doctors diagnose diabetes.

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Care Planning

At PCMC, great importance is placed on self management and patient empowerment , with close cooperation between patient, diabetes educator and doctor.

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Living with Diabetes

Information on self-monitoring, managing weight, etc.

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Managing illnesses with diabetes

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Complications: Prevention & Treatment

Long-term diabetes management to prevent chronic diabetic complications.

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Information about gestational diabetes.

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Clinical Resources, Guidelines & Contacts

Explore more information on clinical resources, guidelines and contacts

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Diabetes & Endocrine Centre

PCMC Diabetes & Endocrine Centre

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