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Optometrist is the professional practice of eye and vision care for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases and conditions of the eye and visual system.  The service comprise of diagnostic and rehabilitation which also supporting the ophthalmology department

About us

The PCMC Optometry unit serves inpatients and outpatients by providing eye assessment as well as diagnostic facilities. The Optometry team in Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) consists of qualified clinical Optometrist and Ophthalmic technician.

Optometrists are trained professional clinicians dealing with vision problems. They perform assessment from infants to geriatrics and provide consultation and rehabilitation.

Optometry Services

The services divided into two main areas which are diagnostic and visual assessment

In diagnostic services we provides assessment ranging the anterior until the posterior aspect of the eye. The assessments are:

  1. Optical coherence tomography system
  2. Non mydratic Funduscopy
  3. Humphreys Visual Field test
  4. Pachymetry
  5. Topography
  6. Anterior segment imaging
  7. Tonometry
  8. Ophthalmoscopy
  9. Biometry

For visual assessment services the Optometrist offering visual assessment from pediatrics to geriatrics which ranging from normal vison to low vision. The visual assessment includes:

  1. Visual Acuity
  2. Refractive error
  3. Color vision
  4. Binocular vision
  5. Low vision
  6. Contact lens assessment

Besides the main services mentioned Optometrist also involve in rehabilitation aspects of a patient, we provide the recommendation of the visual aids and consultation on the visual rehab such as vision therapy.

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