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At Prince Court Medical Centre, our licensed pharmacists and technicians are part of the patient care team and we are committed to putting patients first. Our focus is on delivering quick and accurate pharmaceutical services, in compliance with the Pharmacy Legislations. Our team offer consultations on each prescription dispensed for patients from Specialist Outpatient Clinics as well as Inpatients upon their discharge. We also provide twenty-four hour patient pharmacy services at the Satellite Pharmacy, in the Emergency Department.

Our Services

  1. Outpatient Pharmacy Services
    • Provide pharmaceutical care to outpatients that focused on achieving positive patient outcomes through drug therapy with safe and cost-effective use of medications
    • Medication dispensing and patient counselling  
    • Pharmacy Home Delivery Service (Courier Services)
    • OTC and Pharmacy Only Medicine Counselling for walk-in customers 
  1. Inpatient Pharmacy Services
    • Provide pharmaceutical care to inpatients that focus on achieving positive patient outcomes through drug therapy
    • Management of inpatient medication orders, reconciliation and review, monitoring drug therapy and patient’s medication profile, to improve patient’s medication treatment plan.
    • Optimization of inpatient medications to ensure the right medication is prescribed for the right patient at the right dosing regimen, and that drug interactions and side-effects are identified and monitored  
    • Dispensing of discharge prescriptions 
  1. Satellite Pharmacy at two convenient locations
    • Emergency Department (ED)         : 24-hour services
    • Women and Children’s Clinic (WCC) : office hours
  1. Sterile Unit and Aseptic Dispensing Service
    • Sterile Unit facility complies strictly to ESCO requirements
    • All sterile team personnel are trained with Aseptic Techniques in both Cytotoxic Drug Reconstitution (CDR) and Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
    • Yearly accreditation of Biological Safety Cabinet (for Cytotoxic Drug Reconstitution) and Laminar Air Flow (for Parenteral Nutrition and Aseptic Preparations)
    • Also prepares extemporaneous formulations of sterile eye-drops and injectables 
  1. Prinz Health (Retail Pharmacy)
    • Our retail pharmacy provides comprehensive range of healthcare products and merchandise to serve the needs of patients and public.
    • A wide range of over-the-counter (OTC) medication, first-aid items, surgical dressings and toiletries


        Our Specialised Services

        • Online refill medication services (refill via e-mail or WhatsApp)
        • Pharmacy Home Delivery Service (Courier Services)
        • Bedside counselling for Day Care and VIP patients
        • Drug Information Service (DIS) 
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