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Radiology & Nuclear Medicine


Here in Prince Court Medical Centre’s Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (RNM) provides comprehensive range of multi-modality diagnostic and interventional radiology imaging services for inpatients and outpatients.

Our Services

1. Diagnostic Radiology

This is area of radiology uses external radiation to produce images of the body, its organs, and other internal structures for medical diagnostic purposes. Our Diagnostics Radiology services includes:

  1. General Radiography
    • CR – Computerised Radiography
    • DR – Digital Radiography
  2. Digital Fluoroscopy
    • Barium & GastroIntestinal Studies
    • HSG ( Hysterosalpingography )
    • Arthrogram
    • Urinary System studies

2. Ultrasound

    Ultrasound employs high-frequency sound waves to create images of body parts and organs without utilising ionising radiation. Our services includes:

    1. High End Fully Digital Ultrasound with multiple transducers to provide full range of B- Mode grayscale and Doppler diagnostic studies.
    2. Ultrasound Guided Biopsy and Intervention.

    3. MRI

    MRI uses a magnetic field and radio waves to excite body tissues to send out tiny radio signals. Each type of tissue may send out a different signal. The computer system can generate from these signals a detailed picture of the area of interest. Our services includes:

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

      • 3 Tesla high-performance MRI system for Neurology (Head and Spine), Musculoskeletal and Body imaging
      • MR Angiography
      • Breast MRI
      • MRI Spectroscopy
      • MRI Prostate with Endorectal coil
      • Whole body MRI imaging

    4. Computerised Tomography (CT Scan)

      • 640 slice high end CT system of the head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, extremities and spine examinations
      • Coronary calcium CT
      • Coronary CTA
      • CT Angiography of selected regions (e.g. CTA Pulmonary)
      • Low dose lung CT
      • Virtual colonoscopy CT
      • CT Urography
      • CT guided Biopsy
      • Radio Frequency Ablation(RFA) for tumour under CT
      • Paediatric low dose imaging

    5. Women’s Imaging

        • 2D Full Field Digital Mammography
        • 3D Tomosynthesis Mammography
        • Breast Ultrasound
        • Breast MRI
        • Bone Densitometry (DEXA)
        • Breast biopsy: Ultrasound or Stereotactic guided

    6. Nuclear Medicine

    A specialized area of diagnostic radiology that uses very small amounts of radioactive materials to create an image of the body, its organ functions, and structure, for diagnostic and treatment purposes. Our services includes:

        1. Pet-CT
          • Whole Body Pet CT for cancer screening and staging
        2. Gamma Camera
          • Whole Body Bone Scan/SPECT and three-phase studies
          • Myocardial Perfusion Scan/SPECT and Viability studies
          • Thyroid, Parathyroid and Iodine Whole Body scans
          • Renal and hepatobiliary studies
          • Lung Ventilation and Perfusion scans
          • Gastrointestinal studies
          • Sentinel Node Scintigraphy
          • Radioiodine Ablation for Ca Thyroid ( less than 30 mCi)

    5. Interventional Radiology

      • Interventional Radiology is a specialized area of radiology that uses various imaging techniques to guide the insertion of small instruments and tools through the blood vessel and body to identify and treat a medical disorder without requiring conventional surgery.
      • Vascular and General interventional procedures.
      • Therapeutic Interventional Procedures ( i.e TACE etc)  
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