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We offer a wide range of services to patients with neurological disorders, which includes diagnostic testing, medication management, rehabilitation, and surgical interventions.

What is Neurology?

Neurology is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of disorders that affect the nervous system, which includes the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. It may be helpful to consult a neurologist if you are experiencing problems with memory or any of the following symptoms:

  • Inability to move certain body parts or abnormal movement including ticks
  • Sensations of weakness or heaviness in limbs
  • Challenges with walking or rising from a seated position
  • Abnormal feelings like twitches, tingling or shock-like sensations
  • Struggles to initiate or maintain sleep
  • Sleeping excessively yet still feeling tired during the day
  • Speech difficulties such as slurring, stuttering or word confusion
  • Persistent dizziness or headaches
  • Convulsions/seizures
  • Unexplained persistent pain
  • Memory loss


Why Should You Choose Prince Court’s Neurologist?

Expertise and Specialisation


At Prince Court Medical Centre, we offer a wide range of services to patients with neurological disorders, which includes diagnostic testing, medication management, rehabilitation, and surgical interventions as well as a comprehensive approach to treatment that considers the physical, emotional, and social aspects of the patient's condition. Our neurologists conduct thorough neurological examinations, assessing various aspects of the nervous system's function. These examinations aid in determining the nature and extent of neurological disorders, guiding the development of appropriate treatment strategies.


Advanced Technology


Prince Court Medical Centre is equipped with the latest technology for diagnosing and treating neurological disorders, including advanced imaging equipment and state-of-the-art surgical tools. This allows us to provide our patients with the most accurate diagnoses and effective treatments possible.

  • Imaging Modalities
    • Such as Computerised tomography (CT) Scan, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Positron emission tomography (PET) scan
    • Able to accurately diagnose and treat a wide range of neurological disorders by providing the most effective solution tailored to the patient's condition, which minimises the risk of damage to important body functions


Collaborative Care with Rehabilitation Medicine Specialists and Therapists

In addition to our exceptional neurological examinations and medical treatments, we go above and beyond to provide comprehensive care for our patients. We have a dedicated team of Rehabilitative Medicine specialists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists who collaborate closely with our neurologists to ensure a holistic approach to your recovery. Our Rehabilitative Medicine specialists are experts in their field, trained to address the unique challenges faced by individuals with neurological conditions. They work hand-in-hand with our neurologists to develop personalised rehabilitation programmes tailored to your specific needs and goals.

To facilitate your rehabilitation journey, we have equipped our facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and modern technologies:

  • Temperature-controlled hydrotherapy pool
    • Offers a therapeutic environment for aquatic rehabilitation, allowing for gentle yet effective exercises that promote mobility and muscle strength
    • The pool’s controlled temperature provides soothing relief while facilitating enhanced movement


  • Lokomat robotic treadmill training system
    • Utilises robotic assistance to provide precise and controlled gait training
    • By assisting and guiding your movements, the Lokomat helps improve your walking ability, balance, and overall motor functions
    • This innovative system enables targeted therapy that can greatly enhance your rehabilitation progress 

Our dedicated team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists work closely with you, utilising a range of therapeutic techniques and exercises to optimise your recovery. They provide expert guidance, support, and encouragement throughout your rehabilitation process, ensuring that you regain functional independence and achieve the best possible outcomes.


Common Neurological Conditions

  • Stroke
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Movement disorders: dystonia, essential tremor
  • Headache disorders: migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Dementia
  • Neuropathy
  • Sleep disorders
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Arteriovenous malformation (AVM)
  • Brain aneurysm
  • Brain tumor
  • Nerve, neuro-muscular junction and muscle diseases
  • Neurological diagnostic
  • Other neurodegenerative diseases


Neurological Procedures

  • EEG (Electroencephalography) – a test that records the electrical activity of the brain using small electrodes attached to the scalp, used to diagnose epilepsy and other neurological conditions
  • EMG (Electromyography) – a test that records the electrical activity of muscles using small electrodes inserted into the muscles, used to diagnose conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, myopathy, and ALS
  • Lumbar puncture – a procedure in which a needle is inserted into the spinal canal to collect cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) for analysis, used to diagnose conditions such as meningitis, encephalitis, and multiple sclerosis
  • Nerve conduction studies – Measures the speed and strength of electrical signals as they travel through nerves, used to diagnose conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy, and radiculopathy
  • Angiography – Uses contrast dye and X-rays to create images of the blood vessels in the brain and other parts of the body to diagnose conditions such as aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations
  • Transcranial doppler (TCD) – A non-invasive, painless ultrasound technique that measures blood flow velocity in the major arteries of the brain which is used to diagnose and monitor a variety of neurological conditions, such as stroke, brain trauma, and vascular malformations


Meet Our Specialists

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